A comprehensive reference application for your iPhone

Today, the boys of i (dot) g are pleased to announce the Beta release of a full suite of Reference searching web applications for your iPhone. This suite incorporates the three most widely used Reference searches on the Internet today. The web applications we are releasing today will transform the way you use those sites on your iPhone, both today and in the future.

  • brings the imense information of the ever popular Wikipedia to your iPhone
  • puts the American Heritage Dictionary right at your fingertips
  • is your other "dictionary" application, designed with your street cred in mind. Stay up to date with definitions from the Urban Dictionary
  • brings it all together into one small application that envelopes all three reference searches. All of the applications use a simple, clean, and intuitive interface that makes navigation and searching easy for any user.

These web apps have all been optimized for EDGE network so loading times are not a concern.

These are just samples of some of the innovative, straight-forward and simple to use iPhone web applications that you can expect from us going forward.

Stay tuned!

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Urban Dictionary Search Integration is LIVE

After a FULL evening of coding we have whipped up and pushed live the first version of the Urban Dictionary search capabilities.

First off a disclaimer for those who are not aware of what Urban Dictionary is...

From -

"Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions. Define your world."
"Urban Dictionary is not appropriate for all audiences. "

That said, the boys of i (dot) g are not responsible for your 12 year old finding out the definition of "shrimping"... and no, I'm not talking Forest Gump here.

Improvements include:

  • Added core search functionality for Urban Dictionary (currently grabs the first page of results - to be expanded in future releases)
  • Made the reference source you select "sticky" (this means that it remembers that you just searched Urban Dictionary)
  • Began Synonym search development for the Dictionary search (it works, we just have to format the data and push it live for you)

Short list for tonights long work, but as we've said these releases will keep coming fast and furious so keep an "i" on us (excuse the pun).

Goodnight and Cheers,

the boys of i (dot) g

Announcing Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary Integrated Searches

Thank you to those of you who have tried out our Alpha release. We are working hard to improve the app on a daily basis with the time that we have free away from our day jobs.

We are pleased as punch to announce the latest and greatest features to bring to the next level, with our latest release next week.

These two new features will be search integration for the following services:

  • Urban Dictionary (for the adventurous or curious souls)
  • Wikipedia (for the inquisitive mind)

In the end, we hope to make your one stop shop for all your iPhone searching needs.

Please feel free to leave us feedback as to how we can improve to make it more of what you want to see on the iPhone platform.


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Screenshot of

As if this doesn't already look good, trust us, it will look GORGEOUS on your iPhone!

The Official Release of

Special thanks to Kyle the developer of Showtime and, for helping us fixed a crucial bug within our app!


Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our first iPhone web application, Alpha. As of the time of this Alpha release, is the first online dictionary search application designed specifically for the iPhone. is a simple, straight forward, and intuitive web application that looks to add another dimension to the iPhone's versatility. Our intended purpose of this web application is to give iPhone users the chance to experience dictionary searches using the simple and intuivite iPhone web interface.

Currently in this Alpha release, users can utilize the core functionality of in searching for multiple definitions of any words through an elegant interface, and in the upcoming days, we plan to add in other features to including synonyms and antonyms lookup just to name a few. Stay tuned, this is only the beginning!


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